Jennifer Hewson

Vice Dean - On Leave

Leadership Team

Associate Professor - On Leave

Calgary Campus

PhD, Educational Studies

University of British Columbia, 1998

MA, Family Studies

University of British Columbia, 1993

BA, Family Science

University of British Columbia, 1990

Contact information


MacKimmie Tower : MT418

Research Activities

Research areas

  • Gerontology
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Human Service Organizations and Systems


Dr. Hewson’s research areas include age-friendly communities, specifically social participation, respect and social inclusion, and housing; gerontological social work education; aging and the human-animal bond; social work field education; evaluating the delivery of social and human services; and intergenerational relationships. She has extensive experience teaching research at the Master’s level. She has taught research in the foundation year and the leadership, clinical, and international and community development specializations for both course-based and thesis students. Dr. Hewson has been actively involved in developing a research-based practicum program, redesigning the thesis program, co-supervising students in research placements, supervising MSW Thesis students, and participating on supervisory teams for MSW Thesis and PhD students as well as Thesis students in Kinesiology.

Current Research

Dr. Hewson’s most recent research includes several SSHRC & CIHR funded projects with Dr. Meghan McDonough, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Calgary and The City of Calgary to explore social support, physical activity participation, and older-adults prior to and during COVID-19. Another current SSHRC funded project with Dr. David Nicholas and the Brenda Strafford Foundation explores the psychosocial and health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic for older adults living in care. Dr. Hewson’s future research plans include exploring the use of robotic animals in facility-based continuing care programming and age-friendly housing for older adults living in community.


Dr Hewson has been actively involved in leadership roles in FSW since joining the University of Calgary community in 2005 including Director of the Centre for Social Work Research and Professional Development, PhD and MSW Thesis Coordinator, Field Education Coordinator, Interim Field Education Director, Graduate Program Director, Associate Dean - Teaching and Learning, and Team Lead of the Clinical Social Work Practice Certificate – Gerontology. She is currently assisting with the development of a Leadership and Indigenous Engagement Certificate. Dr Hewson has also been actively engaged in community and professional service in the field of gerontology including previous roles as the Co-Chair of the 2015 Canadian Association on Gerontology’s (CAG) 44th Annual Scientific and Educational Meeting, the Social Sciences Division Chair on the CAG Board of Directors (2016-2018), a member of various Age-friendly Calgary and Older Adult Service Provider committees (2008-2022), a member of The City of Calgary’s Social Well-being Advisory Committee (2019-2021), and a member of the Calgary Community Development Conference Coordinating Committee (2009-2013).

She is passionate about student engagement, experiential and inquiry-based learning, and fostering an inclusive teaching and learning environment. Dr Hewson has co-authored several journal articles on the student experience. Her practice approach is grounded in the teaching and learnings from her PhD in Educational Studies with a specialization in Adult, Continuing and Community Education. Her commitment to experiential learning has also resulted in various field education roles. In addition to field education leadership positions in FSW, she has been a co-supervisor/field instructor with community practitioners and the faculty liaison for numerous BSW and MSW practicum placements. She has also been extensively involved in practicum seminar instruction for undergraduate and graduate students and has co-authored several journal articles and a book chapter on social work field education.


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Student Union Teaching Excellence Award (2010)