Transforming Masculinities: Men in Gender Justice

Transforming Masculinities: Men in Gender Justice

A community learning series and research project on how men around the world are engaging in gender justice work

Stories of Personal Transformation: Men in Gender Justice is an international community-based research project led by a team of collaborators in the Caribbean, Canada, Pakistan, and Nepal. Partner organizations: UCalgary Social Work, University of Peshawar, The University of the West Indies, Haashar Association, University of the Fraser Valley, Alberta Network of Immigrant Women, CariMan, Alberta Men's Network, and Southwestern Centre for Research and PhD Studies. This research seeks to understand the factors that influence men’s decisions to become involved in intimate partner violence (IPV) prevention and gender equity initiatives, and the transformative impacts of this involvement.

Our international collaboration offers a unique opportunity to create a community of practice (CoP) that includes an interdisciplinary group of academics, practitioners, community advocates, partners, and activists. The project includes a four-part, online community learning series, Transforming Masculinities: Men in Gender Justice, where teams from each represented country present on gender justice work occurring within their specific geographic and socio-cultural contexts. Attendees of these online events will offer their feedback through participation in a survey, allowing the CoP to be expanded though the questions, input and participation of stakeholders from around the world.

Organizing team:

Dr. Liza Lorenzetti, Dr. Aamir Jamal, Pam Beebe, Dr. Christine Walsh, Kamal Sehgal, Jeff Halvorsen, Janelle Lee Pong, Sarah Thomas, & Abbas Mancey; Dr. Gabrielle Hosein, Dr. Peter Weller, & Kevin Liverpool; Dr. Rita Dhungel; Dr. Muhammad Ibrar, Asif Khan, Ahmad Waqar, Anees Khan, Dr. Bidur Dhungel, and Namrata Gautam.

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Men's Stories of Transformation CASWE
Stories of Personal Transformation: Men Working for IPV Prevention and Gender Equity

  1. April 28, 2021

    Situational Analysis of Gender Based Violence in Pakistan

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  2. June 24, 2021

    Transforming Masculinities in the Caribbean

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  3. Oct. 28, 2021

    Transforming Men: Indigenous and Intercultural Perspectives in Canada

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  4. Jan. 21, 2022

    Transforming Men: Understanding Masculinity and Gender Justice in Nepal

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Webinar: Situational Analysis of Gender Based Violence in Pakistan