Research that creates change

The University of Calgary Faculty of Social Work is the largest school of social work in Canada. We are consistently ranked among the top 15 schools in north America in terms of research productivity. Our research contributes to a greater understanding of complex social issues while making a difference in the lives of millions of people local, nationally and internationally.

Our faculty’s research agenda often has a dual focus. Some of our researchers look to influence policy by addressing the social determinants that underlie so many social issues. Other researchers search for impactful solutions to advance the profession right now. Our innovative, interdisciplinary research demands meaningful community engagement with a focus on social justice and human rights.

Our faculty’s research is an integral part of the University of Calgary’s research strategy aligning with two of the institution's research strategies: Human Dynamics in a Changing World and Brain and Mental Health.

As part of the Eyes High strategy, the University of Calgary became one of the top 10 universities under 50 years of age in 2014. We are recognized as a global intellectual hub powered by our remarkable faculty, students, staff and community partners.

Lunch time FSW Research Series coming Fall, 2021

Starting in October 2021, the Faculty will offer monthly 'lunch hour' research sessions on Zoom for faculty and sessional instructors, doctoral students and MSW thesis students (and interested others). The series will intersperse research topical sessions with opportunities (every second month) for doctoral students and MSW thesis students to present to us all on their research. 

Join via Zoom: 
Passcode: 716870

Presentations/sessions all from Noon to 1 pm:

Nov 17

Student research presentations

·    Saleema Salim: The Experiences of Muslim Female Students in the Social Work Programs in Western Canada
·     Keeta Gladue: Wayfinding: Indigenous Research and Non-linear Paths

Dec 15

Linda Kreitzer: Facilitating International research as a Canadian: Opportunities and Challenges

Jan 19

Student research presentations

·   Brooke Allemang: Partnering with Young Adults in Health Research: Lessons Learned from the READY2Exit Study
·    Maria Socorro Mangila-Nguyen: Narratives of 1.5G Filipinx Youth Negotiating Ethno-Cultural Identities in Metro Vancouver

Feb 9

Student Presentations

·   Jill Ciesielski: Exploring Perspectives of Social Work Practitioners Using Spirituality in Practice
·   Erin Leveque and Maimuna Khan: Theorizing Madness: Welcoming Mad Studies to Social Work Research and Practice
·   Jill Hoselton: White Femininity in Community-Based Social Work: A Critical Autoethnography and Discourse Analysis

Feb 16

Christine Walsh: Applications of Participatory Research Methods: Digital Storytelling

Mar 16

Student Presentations

·    Zipporah Greenslade Racial Consciousness as Incidental to Social Work Education: A Critical Race Analysis of Transformative Learning
·    Amber Young: Thinking about Sound as Method in Autism Research

Apr 13

Student Presentations

·    Jen Merrick: Sense of Self in Mind and Body: A Trauma-informed Narrative Inquiry of Life Stories Told by Women with ADHD
·    Emma De Vynck: Exploring Spiritual Distress: The Experiences of Women of Evangelical Christian Backgrounds
·    Sandy Rao: Access for Mood Disorders: An Unfair Race

Apr 20

Natalie St-Denis: Indigenous Storytelling: Coming to Know Stories as Medicine

May 18

Student Presentations

·    Christina Tortorelli: Challenges and Opportunities for Knowledge Dissemination in Child Welfare Research
·     Serge Nyirinkwaya: Developing and Pilot Testing a Tree of Life Narrative Informed Intervention to Prevent and Respond to Adolescent Dating Violence in Co-educational High Schools in Rwanda

Jun 15

COVID-19 Impact Panel - Research Initiatives: Gina Dimitropoulos, Heather Boynton, Patricia Samson, Jeannette Waegemakers Shiff, Jennifer Hewson.