Graduate Certificate in Advanced Social Work Practice

Graduate Certificate in Advanced Social Work Practice

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Program Requirements

Your certificate consists of four integrated courses (12 units) completed over the fall and winter semesters (8 months). You must adhere to the prescribed sequence of courses.

You will be awarded a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Social Work Practice after successful completion.

Course requirements - Fall:

SOWK 600:  Social Justice and Theory in Advanced Social Work Practice  
Examines concepts of culture, identity, oppression and differentness in relationship to theories of social justice, at all levels of professional practice.

SOWK 602: Research and Philosophy in Advanced Social Work Practice   
Explores social work research through examination of various approaches (qualitative and quantitative), paradigms, and methods and applies social work research to theories as students develop their professional practice model.

Course requirements - Winter:

SOWK 604: Advanced Practice Theories in Context
Examines theoretical models, philosophical frameworks and ethical foundations of social work practice as a means to facilitate change while locating social work’s development and current practice in historical, economic, political, social and cultural contexts.

SOWK 606: Advanced Policy Practice in Context  
Explores the influences of public policy on the lives, relationships, and well-being of individuals, families, groups and communities, while examining the relationship between social justice in the policy-making process and the role of social workers in shaping policy.

"Laddering" Into the MSW Program - After completing a certificate in Advanced Social Work Practice and a Specialization certificate, students can apply to the Master of Social Work Program.  Learn more