Undergraduate Student Awards

Undergraduate Awards and Scholarships

UCalgary offers competitive awards to students continuing their studies. More information on eligibility requirements and the application process is available through the link below.

You can also search the Awards and Scholarship database for other opportunities.

You will receive an email about these awards with the subject line, SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Program Recommended Undergraduate Awards.

  • Elizabeth Wright McCullough Undergraduate Scholarship in Social Work
  • Gayle Gilchrist James and Richard F. Ramsay Gold Medal in Social Work
  • Iain Cullen Ramsay Undergraduate Scholarship in Social Work
  • Katheryn Caudron-Robinson Memorial Award
  • Michelle Wickerson Memorial Award in Social Work
  • Randy McKay Award

Faculty of Social Work Recognition of Excellence Awards

The following awards are open to all undergraduate (BSW) and graduate (MSW, PhD) students in the Faculty of Social Work.

The competition is announced in late February and the deadline for nominations is in late March. Nominations must be submitted to Student Services through fsw.studentservices@ucalgary.ca.

Faulty of Social Work Awards

Awarded annually to a maximum of five students whose activities have contributed to significantly enhancing the educational experiences of students in the Faculty of Social Work. Recipients’ leadership may be formal (e.g., through involvement with student governance) or informal (e.g., through organizing social action or educational activities).

Awarded annually to a maximum of five students whose activities and achievements in practicum have been outstanding in a placement that has occurred during the current academic year. This Recognition of Excellence acknowledges that while students are intended to be learners in their practica, they may also contribute meaningfully to their clients’ (individuals, groups, families, communities, organizations) lives.

Awarded annually to a maximum of five students who demonstrate a commitment to social justice, civic engagement, and volunteerism through actions against racism, anti-Semitism or other forms of injustice.

Awarded annually to a maximum of five students whose commitment to education in social work has been demonstrated by inspirational attitudes and behaviors in class, practica, and/or relationships with other students. This award is intended to honor excellence that may not be indicated through traditional means such as grade point average or participation in formal student governance activities. Students may demonstrate outstanding personal achievement through, for example, coping with significant personal or academic challenges while in the program or inspiring other students through particularly compassionate or empowering activities.