Student in online class


If you are prepared to be self motivated, manage your time effectively, and have the necessary technology, online learning can be the perfect solution to a complex schedule! Despite the fact that you do not meet with people face-to-face, online learning is highly interactive and requires thoughtful contributions to group discussions. This can be a very rewarding experience, and many feel they get to know their online classmates more fully than their face-to-face classmates. A significant is time commitment required due to the high degree of participation expected.

You will use online communication tools for discussion with your instructor and classmates (for example D2L and Zoom). These tools are not difficult to use - visit for tutorials and more.

  • Desire to Learn (D2L): Allows you to access all your course materials online and communicate within a secure and protected environment. This provides access to all pertinent course information your instructor has posted in addition to a discussion board area, secure email tool, and communication tools.
  • Zoom: This application can be used by the entire class, or smaller groups. It provides a virtual classroom environment that supports online interaction during lectures and/or meetings.

Also visit for more information on general IT and computing questions you may have.