Kathleen Sitter

Research & Scolarship Leave (July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024)

Canada Research Chair in Multisensory Research and Knowledge Translation


Associate Professor

Calgary Campus

Doctor of Philosophy


Masters of Social Work


Masters of Communication Studies


Bachelor of Public Relations


Contact information

Research Activities

Research areas

  • International
  • Sexuality and Gender
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Critical Disability

Sensory and Arts-Based Methods

  • Developing and evaluating digital storytelling as a therapeutic intervention
  • Advancing accessibility in post-secondary institutions
  • Identifying barriers and facilitators for youth with disabilities during life-stage transitions
  • Creating and evaluating theatre and film productions as a form of knowledge translation 
  • Advancing accessibility in knowledge translation activities through 4-D installations
  • Exploring accessible storytelling through smell-maps and sound-scapes


Kathleen Sitter joined the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Calgary in 2017. She was appointed as Associate Professor in 2019 and is an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, Division of Community Health and Humanities, at Memorial University. Kathleen has worked with a variety of adults and youth in the areas of disability, mental health, human rights, and health care. She currently leads the Multisensory Studio, a lab that focuses on creating blended sensory and arts-based methods in research design and knowledge translation.

Kathleen has held over $4.0 million in research funding, and her multisensory activities include over 200 arts-based works, juried screenings, and exhibitions. Examples include creative forms of knowledge translation such as filmscartoon abstractsphotograph exhibitsdigital stories, and participatory videos.

In 2020, Kathleen became the Canadian Research Chair (CRC) in Multisensory Storytelling in Research and Knowledge Translation, making her the first CRC in the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Calgary.


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  • Research Innovation Award, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary. 2021
  • U Make a Difference Award, Innovation and Curiosity, University of Calgary. 2020
  • Canada Research Chair (T2) , SSHRC. 2020
  • Faculty Publication Award, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary. 2020
  • Peak Scholar Award in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Knowledge Engagement, University of Calgary. 2019
  • Teaching Excellence Award (PhD/Masters), Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary. 2019
  • Faculty Publication Award, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary. 2019