Liza Lorenzetti

Associate Professor

Calgary Campus


University of Calgary, 2016


University of Calgary, 2006

BSW (Distinction)

McGill University, 1992

Contact information


MacKimmie Tower : MT335

Research and Teaching Activities

Research areas

  • Trauma and Violence
  • Practice Approaches
  • Human Service Organizations and Systems
  • Research Methods
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Research Focus areas:

Domain 1: Social movements and social transformation. Includes a community focus on social justice organizing, and violence prevention with an intersectional lens to men’s prevention roles; anti-racism anticolonialism and gender and sexuality rights;

Domain 2: Critical pedagogy and transformative learning. Focused on the academy and the scholarship of teaching and learning, and centered experiential and mentoring practices;

Domain 3: Methodological contributions. Community-based, feminist and participatory action research. Committed to intersectional, anti-racist and decolonizing feminisms.

Current Research

  1. Stories of Personal Transformation: Men Working for Violence Prevention and Gender Equity (Lead Investigator – with Jamal, A. Walsh, C., Amin, H., Ibrar, M., Hossein, G., Mancey Sehgal, K.). SSHRC Insight Development Grant. 
  2. Healing through Fatherhood: Voices of Indigenous and Immigrant Men (Lead Investigator – with Jamal, A., Mancey Sehgal, K., Gomez, T., Beebe, P., Boustani, A.). O’Brien Institute Catalyst Grant – Vulnerable Populations.
  3. Men as Agents of Change (Lead Investigator – with Jamal, I. & Sehgal, K. (organizational lead). Alberta Status of Women.
  4. “Good Dads”: Father's Perspectives on Fatherhood and Masculinity in Alberta (Lead Investigator - with Jamal, A. & Dunghel, R.) University Research Grants Committee, University of Calgary.
  5. Good Men’s Circle. (Lead Investigator- with Jamal., A & Sehgal, K. (organizational lead)
  6. Social Work Graduate Field Education: Exploring the Potential for Transformative Learning (Co-Investigator  - with with Lee, E. (PI), Ferrer, I., MacDonald, S.A., & Parent, A.A.)  SSHRC Insight Development Grant.
  7. Promoting Graduate Student Mental Health Through Peer Mentorship (Co-Investigator -with Lorenzetti, D. (PI), Nowell, L. Oddone-Paolucci, E.Lorenzetti, L. Jacobsen, M. T. Clancy, T.Christie, T.). Campus Mental Health Strategy (CMHS), University of Calgary.
  8. Transforming the Field Education Landscape: Intersections of Research and Practice in Canadian Social Work Field Education (Collaborator- with Drolet, J.(PI) et al.). Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Partnership Grant.



Professional and Community Associations

  • Alberta College of Social Workers – Registered Social Worker (1996-
  • Alberta Assembly of Social Workers - Organizer (2019-
  • Alberta Men’s Network for Violence Prevention - Stewardship Committee (2015 –
  • Brentwood Cares Neighbourhood Organizer – (2020-
  • Action Research Network of the Americas – (2019
  • Canadian Association for Children’s Education in Pakistan – Board Member (2019 -
  • Canadian Association of Social Work Education - Educator (2015-
  • Canadian Association of Social Work Education Women’s Caucus - Co-chair (2016-2020)
  • Migrante Alberta - Member (2018-
  • Peace in Harmony Family Peace Choir (2018 -
  • Social Workers for Social Justice Calgary – Organizer (2010 -


I am from Italian heritage, born on Mohawk Kanien’kehá:ka territory (Montréal). I have been living in Mokhinistsis (Calgary) for many years, traditional territory of the Blackfoot Confederacy which includes the Siksika, Piikani, and Kainai First Nations as Treaty 7 Nations with the Tsuut’ina First Nation, and the Stoney Nakoda (including the Chiniki, Bearspaw, and Wesley First Nations) as well as  Métis Region 3. I strive to be an activist scholar with my teaching, research and service informed by 30 years of community and counselling practice focused on violence prevention, anti-racism, refugee rights, peace building and other social justice commitments. 


Refereed Journal Articles

  1. Lorenzetti, L. & Dunghel, R. Community-led transformative research tools and applications: From Canada to Nepal. Canadian Journal of Action Research, August 2020. (in press)
  2. Walsh, C. Borlé, E., Lorenzetti, L.,  Birks, L., Cerecero, L., Isnardo de la Cruz Lugardo, P.  International field education through a postcolonial lens: A case example of developing a group study program in Mexico. International Social Work (in press)
  3. Pethrick, H. Nowell, L., Oddone-Paolucci, E., Lorenzetti, L., Jacobsen, M., Clancy T., Lorenzetti. D.L. The impact of peer mentoring in medical residency education: A systematic review. Canadian Medical Education Journal (in press).
  4. Ferrer, I., Shaw, J. & Lorenzetti, L. Ethical storytelling and digital narratives: Lessons learned in student-led podcasts and community radio partnerships. Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics (accepted)
  5. MacDonald S.A.,  Srikanthan, S., Lee Woo Jin E., Ferrer, I., Lorenzetti, L., & Parent A.A.  Field education as transgression?  Intersectionalities: A Global Journal of Social Work Analysis, Research, Polity. (pp. 1-28) (Accepted).
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  8. Ferrer, I., Lorenzetti, L. & Shaw. J. (2019). Podcasting for social justice: Exploring the potential of experiential and transformative teaching and learning through social work podcasts. Social Work Education. doi: 10.1080/02615479.2019.1680619
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  16. Lorenzetti, L., Azulai, A., & Walsh, C. A. (2016). Addressing power in conversation and methodology: Enhancing the transformative capacities of the world café. Journal of Transformative Education, 14(3), 200-219. doi: 10.1177/1541344616634889

Books & Book Chapters


  1. Este, D., Lorenzetti, L., & Sato, C., (Eds) (2018). Racism and anti-racism in Canada. Winnipeg, MA: Fernwood Publishing.

Book Chapters

  1. Halvorsen, J., King, R., Lorenzetti, L., Wolfleg, A., & Haile, L. White entitlement in antiracism and anticolonialism. In A. Gebhard, S. Mclean, V. St. Denis (Eds.), Whiteness at work: Disturbing practices of racism across the Canadian prairies. Winnipeg, MB: Fernwood Publishing. (forthcoming)
  2. Lorenzetti L. & Jacob, A. (2018). Anti-Racism: White privilege and changing oppressive social structures. In Este, D., Lorenzetti, L., & Sato, C., (Eds). Racism and anti-racism in Canada (pp. 39-69). Winnipeg, MA:  Fernwood Publishing.
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  4. Lorenzetti, L. & Farkas, J. (2015). How did you get here? Engagement in social justice journeys through Pechakucha. In Pelech, W., King, K. & LaRoche, S. (Eds). Unity in diversity: Embracing the spirits of group work (221-23). London, ENG: Whiting & Birch

Peer-Reviewed Proceedings

  1. Lorenzetti, L., Dhungel, R., Lorenzetti, D, Oshchepkova, T., & Haile, L. (2017). A transformative approach to social work education. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Higher Education Advances. Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, 801-809.
  2. Walsh, C. & Lorenzetti, L. (2016). Mentorship framework to strengthen social work research. Proceedings, University of New Mexico Mentoring Institute, 79-87.

Encyclopaedia Entries

Walsh, C. A., Lorenzetti, L., & Gulbrandsen, C. (2015). Feminist activism. The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Artistic Submissions

Lorenzetti, L. (2020). A network of care. Action Research Network of the Americas Solidarity Project Gallery.

Research, Professional Reports and Narrative Submissions

  1. Wolfleg, A., Mancey, A., Lorenzetti, L. & Zakharova, G. (2020, August). AMN Healing Circles. Alberta Men Network/University of Calgary, Faculty of Social Work. 
  2. Wang, Q., Lorenzetti, L., Mancey, A., Tabak, W. (2020). AMN Foundational Training: A Community Report. Alberta Men’s Network/ University of Calgary, Faculty of Social Work.
  3. Lorenzetti, L. (2020). The power of stories: Kwentot’ Litrato. In N. Saturay (Ed), Kwentot’ Litratrato Stories of Filipino Migration in Alberta. Calgary, AB: Migrante Alberta.  (forthcoming)
  4. Linton, H., Chouinard, P.L., Lorenzetti, L., Mancey, R., Dhungel, R., &  Lee, E.O. (2019). Guides de périple – Mentors en justice sociale: Modèle transformationnel dans la formation en travail social. Université de Calgary/Université de Montréal.
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  17. Sebastian, B., & Lorenzetti, L. (2015). Healthy family relations: A community response. Calgary, AB: United Way of Calgary and Area.


Media Work

  1. Safadi,. I. (2019, August). Young activists lead successful fundraiser to help children in Pakistan.
  2. Lorenzetti, L. (2019, June). People’s power and collective resistance. Explore UCalgary. Retrieve from
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  15. The Calgary Journal (2014, November). Diversity in Parenting Making a Positive Impact.  Retrieve from 



Academic Awards

2020       Nomination: Best pedagogical article, Journal of Social Work Education

2018       Nomination: Teaching Award for Experiential Learning Initiatives

2017       Nomination: Teaching Award for Experiential Learning Initiatives              

2014       Canadian Federation of University Women École Polytechnique Award

2013       Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSRHC) Doctoral Scholarship

2013       Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Doctoral Scholarship

2013       Clarice Chodak Recognition of Excellence in Social Action

2013       Best Paper Award: Chinese University of Hong Kong 50th Anniversary Social Work Post-Graduate Symposium

2012       University of Calgary Eyes High Leadership Doctoral Scholarship

2012      SSHRC Global Open Doctoral Scholarship

2012       Nomination: Vanier Scholarship 

2011      James Gripton Doctoral Scholarship in Social Work

2011       Lorne and Pat Gordon/YWCA Graduate Award

2011       Doreen F. Wilson Legacy Graduate Award

2010       Faculty of Social Work Entrance Scholarship        

2010      Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship

2007       Nomination: The University of Calgary Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award

Community Awards

2018       John Graham Hutton Memorial Award: Excellence in Social Work Practice - Alberta College of Social Workers

2018       Distinguished Service Award (team award given to Calgary Social Workers for Social Justice) - Canadian Association of Social Workers

2018       Certificate of Appreciation - Migrante: Migrant Rights Organization

2015       Spirit of Gold Award (team award for Men’s Action Network Calgary) - The United Way of Calgary and Area

2012       Certificate of Recognition - Salvadorian Association of Calgary

2008       National Award for Ngapagok Sudan School Peace Through Education Project - Canadian Association of Social Workers

2008       The Pulse of Social Work Advocacy Award - The University of Calgary Faculty of Social Work, The Alberta College of Social Workers

2008       Certificate of Appreciation - The Darfur Association of Canada

2007       Nomination: YMCA Peace Medal - YMCA

2007       Creation of Bridges of Hope Refugee Camp Simulation (team award) - The City of Calgary & Canadian Red Cross

2007       Certificate of Appreciation: Ngapagok School Peace Through Education Project - Calgary Sudanese Committee

2007       Certificate of Congratulations: Ngapagok School Peace Through Education Project - Legislative Assembly of Alberta

2005       Alberta Centennial Award - Government of Alberta

2004       Creation and Implementation East Office Diversity Audit (team award) -The City of Calgary Team Award

2003       Nomination: The Pulse of Social Work Advocacy Award - The University of Calgary Faculty of Social Work, The Alberta College of Social Workers & partners

2003       Nomination: The Pulse of Social Work Community Development Award  - The University of Calgary Faculty of Social Work, The Alberta College of Social Workers & partners

2002       Nomination: John Hutton Memorial Award  - Alberta College of Social Workers