Group therapy

Clinical Practice with Individuals, Families and Groups

Clinical Social Work Practice Specialization

Designed for MSW students who wish to learn the art and science of listening and talking. This specialization focuses on how to facilitate a change toward individuals, families and whole groups. The course work focuses on practicing interpersonal behaviours using a social work lens of context and justice.

You'll learn how to lead and master therapeutic/transformative conversations with clients and other professionals across a wide range of clinical and social problems. You'll also learn how to help persons move from maintaining the status quo toward preferred ways of living and working.

In your studies, you'll learn how to speak about the discourses and (in)justices that contribute to keeping problems unresolved. You'll also be shown ways how to study your own clinical work with individuals, families and groups.

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What will I learn?

Gain the theoretical and practical background, skills and knowledge that you can apply in diverse settings and scopes of social work practice.


Clinical Work with Individuals

In this course, you'll concentrate on what works in helping clients achieve a real change. This will be done by critically studying and practising the major approaches.

You'll also develop your own style of engaging with clients and create the environment for relief and movement toward preferred ways of living with others.

Clinical Work with Families

This course will concentrate on helping you make the necessary and correct shift to view family problems as relational problems.

You'll learn listening and conversation practices that will help families join together and live harmoniously while facing the tasks of development and growth.

Clinical Work with Groups

This course will teach you how to keep the interpersonal process as a medium of change at the forefront.

You'll focus on relational dynamics in a group and observe what is occurring among people in order to address problematic and change processes.

You'll learn how to apply these powerful conversations to all kinds of problems, areas and populations.

Clinical Work with Other Professionals

In this course, you'll learn how to analyze and understand interprofessional processes which take place in your work with clients so that you can make meaningful conversations with co-professionals. These conversations will benefit clients and help professionals meet their mandates.