Barry Hall

Professor Emeritus of Social Work


PhD in Social Work

University of Toronto


University of Toronto

BA in Psychology

University of Waterloo

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Research and teaching

Research Projects:

Hall, B. (PI). Rural Youth Violence: A Focus on health. (Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical research;; 2002-2006).


Barry Hall was a frontline social worker at the Toronto East General for four years and six years at the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry in Toronto before returning to doctoral studies at the University of Toronto. He joined the Faculty of Social Work in 1986 as an assistant professor and is currently a full professor.

Hall serves as the Head of the Faculty's Southern Alberta Region (Lethbridge). With research and teaching interests ranging from youth to the elderly, Hall has taught many social work courses at undergraduate and graduate levels. He presently is teaching Introduction to Social Work (undergraduate) and Advanced Practice with Older Adults.

Hall's most recent funded research from the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research was a project titled: Rural Youth Violence: A Focus on Health. His research was profiled in the Faculty's 2005 publication, Connecting The Dots.

Hall has served on a variety of professional and community boards. He is currently the Faculty of Social Work's member on the legislated Competence Committee of the Alberta College of Social Workers. His most recent award - a Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding service and contribution as a volunteer - is from the Government of Canada


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