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First Week: Slavery and Civil Rights Activists - Stanley G. Grizzle

Celebrate Black History Month with the Faculty of Social Work. Every week (M-F) in February we’re telling the stories of Black Canadian Changemakers. Pay attention, there’s a weekly quiz!

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Black Canadian Changemakers - Week 6 Quiz

1. Shan Boodram is most known for sharing her knowledge of what topic?

     A. Sex and Relationships
     B. Love and Spirituality
     C. Mental health and Mindfulness

2. Dr. Alexandra Bastiany graduated from which medical school?

     A. McGill University
     B. University of Toronto
     C. University of Montreal

3. What department did Sharon Davis-Murdoch work in for over 18 years with the government of Nova Scotia?

     A. Department of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
     B. Department of Health
     C. Department of Public Relations

4. Shelly Phillip Laforest is the founder of which organization?

     A. Ontario Black Nurses' Network
     B. Ontario Black Nurses' Union
     C. Ontario Black Nursing Student Network

5. Dr. June M. James was the first Black woman to graduate from the Faculty of Medicine at this university.

     A. University of Calgary
     B. University of Manitoba
     C. University of Ottawa

1. What year did James Best retire from public service?

     A. 1960
     B. 1980
     C. 1990

2. Jack White and Stanley Grizzle were the first Black Canadians to run for which public office?

     A. Ontario Senate
     B. Ontario Legislature
     C. Mayor of Toronto

3. Delos Davis later in life practiced law with whom?

     A. His best friend
     B. His wife
     C. His son

4. Which River was Chloe Cooley taken across?

     A. Red River
     B. Ottawa River
     C. Niagara River

5. Bromley Armstrong was leader of?

     A. Trade Union
     B. United Auto Workers
     C. United Mine Workers

1.  What year was Leonard Braithwaite elected to parliament? 

     A. 1961
     B. 1960
     C. 1963

2. Mifflin Wistar Gibbs was the first Black person in Canada to be elected to public office in?

     A. Alberta 
     B. Ontario
     C. British Colombia 

3. Anne Cools served for how many years in the senate? 

    A. 40 
    B. 30 
    C. 24 

4.Vivian Barbot was born in which country? 

     A. Jamaica 
     B. Canada 
     C. Haiti 

5. Dr. Daurene Lewis was the first Black mayor to serve in this Canadian province? 

     A. Ontario
     B. Nova Scotia 
     C. New Brunswick

1.  What year was Lawrence Hill's well acclaimed book The Book of Negroes was published?

     A.  2000
     B.  2011
     C.  2007

2. How old was Gregory Charles when he won his first national competition?

     A.  4 years old
     B. 10 years old
     C. 14 years old

3. Measha Brueggergosman's voice is well celebrated internationally, what is her vocal range?

    A. Soprano
    B. Mezzo-Soprano
    C. Alto

4. Abel Tesfaye popularly known as The Weeknd as collaborated with several artists. Who does he credit for his musical inspiration?

     A. Drake  
     B. Miles Davis  
     C. Michael Jackson  

5. What is the name of Asha Bromfield's character on the hit show Riverdale?

     A. Melody Jones
     B. Zadie Wells 
     C. Josie Young

1. What is the record Andre De Grasse currently holds?

     A. The fastest man in the world
     B. The Black fastest man in North America
     C. The fastest man in Canada

2. Sam Langford was an international boxing champion, what was one of his nick names?

     A. The New York Yanker
     B. The Boston Bonecrusher
     C. The Canadian Fright

3. Why was Barbara Howard unable to compete at the Olympic games?

     A. World War 2 was happening.
     B. She broke her ankle.
     C. She changed careers to education.

4. Harry Winston Jerome won the bronze medal for which Olympic event?

     A. 220-yard dash
     B. 100- meter dash
     C. 800- meter dash

5. Francoise Abanda is a rising Canadian star in this sport.

     A. Tennis
     B. Soccer
     C. Track and Field

1. Dr. Jenelle Rouse is the first Black deaf Canadian to earn a PhD. Which year did she receive her degree?

     A. 1990
     B. 2001
     C. 2020

2. Joanne St Lewis was the founding Faculty advisor for which nation student organization?

     A. Black Law Students' Association
     B. Black Lawyers of Canada
     C. National Network of Black Law Students

3. Natasha L. Henry is the president of which organization?

     A. Ontario Teacher's Association
     B. Ontario Black History Society
     C. Ontario Network of Black Historians

4. Robert Nathaniel Dett founded several music programs such as the Hampton Choral Union, the Musical Arts Society, the Hampton Institute Choir and School of Music when he lived in?

     A. Tennessee
     B. Ohio
     C. Virginia

5. Dr. Maryan Francis was the first Lieutenant- Governor of which Canadian province?

     A. Ontario
     B. Manitoba
     C. Nova Scotia

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