Connie Barlow

Professor Emerita of Social Work


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Research and teaching

Research Projects:

  • Barlow, C. (PI). Canada/European Program for Cooperation in Higher Education
    and Vocational Training- Displaced Persons Project. (Human Resources and Skills
    Development Canada;; 2005-2009).
  • Barlow, C. (Co-PI). EU-Canada Student Mobility: Displaced Persons Project.
    (Tempus Programme-Cooperation with the USA and Canada- Education and Culture,
    European Commission; 2005-2009).
  • Barlow, C. (Co-I). Course Development: Interprofessional Practice in
    Community Settings. (URGC-Short Term Project; 2005-2007).
  • Barlow, C. (PI). & Waegemakers Schiff, J. (Co-PI). Suicide Bereavement
    Peer Support Program: Impact Assessment. (Canadian Mental Health Association;
  • Barlow, C. (Co-I)., & Rogers, G. (Co-I). Discourses in Conflict: A
    multidisciplinary study of professional education. (SSHRC;; 2002-2006).
  • Pelech, W. (PI). & Barlow, C. (Co-I). BSW Access Workplace Practica
    Evaluation. (URGC Research Grant; 2004-2005).


workers, international field education, field education, parenting, issues in clinical practice with marginalized groups, interprofessional practice, communities of practice; her research methods include grounded theory, participatory action research, photo-voice, discourse analysis.

For over 20 years Dr. Constance Barlow worked as a social work practitioner in the community as a clinical social worker in a medical setting and in a community based counseling agency. Barlow maintains a private practice as a Counseling Psychologist and is both a Registered Clinical Social Worker with the Alberta College of Social Workers and a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists.