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Mitacs Accelerate

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Dollar Value: $15,000 per 4-month internship cost-shared by partner ($7,500 ) & Mitacs ($7,500)
Application Deadline: N/A
Summary: These awards allow graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to apply their specialized expertise to research challenges for community and external partners

Summer Student Program

All UCalgary Students are welcome. Please register here: Summer Student Registration

This summer, the ACHRI, HBI/HBITO, Libin, Owerko Centre, and Snyder Institutes are pleased to offer a compelling Summer Student Program for our summer students. The program consists of a series of eight workshops, journal clubs and other opportunities and resources, and culminates in a Summer Student Symposium. Please visit the Summer Student Program webpage for details.

Regardless of their source of funding, all students are welcome to participate in any or all aspects of the program, which will be offered in an online format during the May - August 2021 period. Contact if you have any questions or suggestions.   

How to Apply

If you are interested in learning more or applying for this position, please email Sarah, Annie, or Angelo (as listed under the opportunity) ASAP with the following information:  

  • Which internship(s) you are interested in  (please note if one is strongly preferred) 
  • Your current academic level (Bachelor, Master, PhD, Postdoc) 
  • What Faculty you are in 
  • Your estimated graduation date (month/year) – note that you MUST be a current student or postdoctoral fellow when you start and for the duration of any Mitacs internship 
  • Your academic supervisor (or a faculty member willing to supervise you for this project)  
  • Please attach your CV or resume 


We are currently looking for applicants for the following PAID position(s):  


  • Brief project description:  AI-assisted job opportunity evaluation 
  • Academic Level:  Masters, PhD, or Postdoctoral 
  • Estimated Length:  4 to 6 months (2 positions available, see below for details) 
  • Desired Start Date:  ASAP 
  • Desired skills / expertise:   
  • Candidate 1: - Background : Social sciences, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Behavioural Economics - Specific skills : Multiple Regression, Psychological Assessments / Psychometrics, Observational Analysis, Research Methods - Tools : SPSS, statistical modelling tools  
  • Candidate 2: - Background : Data Science, Software Engineering, Computer Science - Skills: Software design, statistical modelling - Tools : Integrated development environments (Pycharm, Visual Studio Code), Jupyter Notebooks, Linux 

If interested, contact: Sarah

Kairos Cognitive

  • Brief project description: Validation study of a novel collaborative therapeutic mental health program through primary health care, allied health service professionals, and para-practitioner service providers. 
  • Academic Level: Masters, PhD or Postdoc  
  • Estimated Length: 6 – 12 months   
  • Desired Start Date:  ASAP 
  • Desired skills / expertise:  Research study design, Life Sciences, Medicine, mixed methods research, longitudinal studies, psychology, social work 

If interested, contact: Sarah

Wood’s Homes

  • Brief project description:  Developing digital example cases for training new social workers   
  • Academic Level: Masters, PhD or Postdoc (multiple opportunities available) 
  • Estimated Length: 4 to 6 months OR 2 years for Masters Thesis student OR longer for PhD/PDF 
  • Desired Start Date:  ASAP 
  • Desired skills / expertise:  Social Work 

If interested, contact: Sarah

Out of Province Opportunities (open to Calgary students, but you must be willing to relocate for at least 25% of the internship time)

Care2Talk [Intern must be willing to travel to Victoria, BC for at least 25% of this internship] 

  • Desired Start Date:  ASAP 
  • Desired skills / expertise:  Senior Care Sector. Business, Social Sciences & Humanities, Family and consumer science, Interactive arts and technology, Journalism / Media studies and communication, Other, Psychology, Urban studies 

If interested, contact: Sarah

Kritik Education Corp (Based in Toronto - may require travel)

Brief project description:  Help improve algorithms in ed-tech.

Academic Level: Masters, PhD or Postdoc 

Estimated Length: More than 12 months  

Desired Start Date:  ASAP

Desired skills / expertise:  Data scientist familiar with statistics and data analytics to help us fine tune our grading algorithm. Kritik is crowdsource student  evaluations and our current algorithm tries to assign a “grading power” score to students. 

If interested, contact: Sarah