Faculty of Social Work Student Publication Awards

Faculty of Social Work students are eligible for the award if they have published a manuscript within the 12 months prior to the application due date, in a peer-reviewed journal with the mentorship of a member of the Faculty of Social Work. Awards are valued at $300 each with approximately 5 awards per year (subject to availability of funding).

Application Due Dates are April 15 and November 15. Please see the the application procedures below for further instructions. 

  • Any Faculty of Social Work student (BSW, MSW, PhD) who has published a paper in a peer-reviewed journal within 12 months prior to the application deadline.
  • The author must be a student with the Faculty of Social Work at the time the research and manuscript writing took place as well as at the time of the application deadline.
  • The student must be the leading key author of the paper (70% principal authorship).
  • The student must be mentored by a member of the Faculty of Social Work (mentorship could occur in a variety of forms: as instructor, supervisor, employer or through other roles).
  • Each applicant may submit only one published paper for consideration and receive only one award per year.
  • Supporting documents for the manuscript publication (copy of the manuscript, publication details) and description of mentorship must be provided with the application.
  • Quality and importance of the paper.
  • Quality and description of the mentorship (student should be the first author; the Faculty Mentor may or may not be an author).
  • Each applicant may receive only one award per year.
  • Preference is given to those who have not previously received this award.
  • Attention will be paid to awarding students representing different program levels and program locations.

April 15 and November 15

*An annual review of the outcomes of this fund will be conducted by the Research and Partnerships Committee.

A call for applications will be sent out 1 month before the application due dates. Students will be advised each academic year about the publication award opportunity. Applicants are expected to submit a one-page written application through email (Alyona Belikova at abelikov@ucalgary.ca) providing the following detail::

  1. Applicant information (name/degree).
  2. Mentorship information (name/rank, nature/description of the mentorship, signature by the mentor(s)).
  3. Publication information (journal name/website, issue, etc.).
  4. Manuscript information (copy of the published manuscript).
  5. A written statement (not exceeding 300 words) indicating the significance and/contributions of the manuscript to social work.