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Dr. Jean Lafrance brings an extensive experience with the development and delivery of social services programs with an emphasis on services to vulnerable children. His last experience with government as Alberta’s provincial Children’s Advocate led him into a keen interest in translating the perspectives of children and their families in forums that can serve to inform program and policy development in human services delivery. His research interests since joining academia in 1997 have involved a number of partnerships between the University and service providers in Alberta, the Prairie Provinces, as well as in Mexico and Belize. Jean is especially interested in change processes that can assist Aboriginal people to develop children’s services programs that are more congruent with their aspirations and worldviews. He is motivated by the tragic and continuing loss of Aboriginal children to their communities, and has collaborated with several Aboriginal groups to accompany them on this important journey. Jean has been recognized by the University of Calgary by his appointment to the President’s Circle of Excellence for teaching and research at the University of Calgary. He has also been certifies by the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench as an expert on Metis Child Welfare.

Professional and Community Associations

International Association of Social Workers - Member

Canadian Association of Social Workers - Member

Alberta Association of Social Workers - Member

Creating Hope Society of Alberta - Advisor and founding member 

Leadership Team – Advisory group to Region 6 consisting of Aboriginal agencies and key operational staff.


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