Enterprise Square Information

Enterprise Square Information

Building Access

Enterprise Square (10230 Jasper Avenue) is open to the public daily from 6:30 am to 9:00 pm.

A security station is located on the main floor and is always staffed. Access to the third floor is by elevator only and is controlled by card access. You will be issued an access card that will allow: access to the 3rd floor, access to washrooms, and access to the classroom areas. You may access these spaces as you wish but cannot leave doors propped open as this could result in unauthorized access.

You are responsible for the use of the access card as outlined above and may not loan or give your card to anyone else for any purpose. Cards should be returned to the front office once you have completed your degree requirements, or if you take a leave from your studies. If you lose your card, you must report this to Tanola Colquhoun, Front Office Coordinator, 780-492-3888, as soon as possible. A replacement fee of $10 may be charged for lost/unreturned cards. All faculty space and access is for student purposes only, unless permission for other purposes is provided. 

Failure to adhere to the expectations outlined here may constitute Student Non-Academic Misconduct.

We have five classrooms, all located on the 3rd floor: 3-282, 3-276, 3-275, 3-295, and 3-300. Classroom 3-282 is also equipped to allow for smudging and other ceremonial functions. All classrooms are equipped with audio-visual equipment. Ensure that you are familiar with the equipment prior to using it for a class presentation. The computers are PCs and cables to connect PC laptops are available.  Unfortunately, Mac users need to ensure PC compatibility or bring adapters necessary to connect their laptops to the projectors.

Room 3-278 has been designed to allow for smudging and other ceremonial functions. This space has been set up for individual use, or for small groups, and is available to all students for smudging, daily prayers, and as a quiet space. 

Computer Lab

Computer Lab

The computer lab is located in 3-289. There are 6 fixed work stations with desktop computers, and two tables to accommodate individual or small group work. For security purposes, all files stored on these computers are automatically deleted overnight; you are responsible to ensure that you have saved all work on personal devices. A copy of the current APA Style Manual is kept in the computer lab.

The Student Lounge is located in 3-290. The lounge is equipped with seating, charging stations, and monitors that serve as electronic bulletin boards. A small kitchen with fridge, microwave and dishwasher is also provided and students are responsible for keeping this area clean. 

Printing and photocopying facilities are available to students; the photocopier is located in the Student Lounge, room 3-290.

You will need to load funds to your Unicard by logging onto your Unicard eAccount with your IT username and password, and deposit funds using a credit card. Print and copy costs are $0.08/printed side. Visit https://www.ucalgary.ca/ancillary/unicard/my-account for more information on how to use your Unicard eAccount.

Note: If you do not have a credit card someone else can make a deposit on your account using their credit card, your UCID and email address.

There are 18 lockers in the Student Lounge intended for daily use by students. To lock the door: 

  1. Press the button with the letter 'C' at the bottom left-hand side of the keypad.
  2. Enter any 4-digit combination.
  3. Press the button with the picture of a lock on the bottom right-hand side of the keypad.

Follow the same sequence to unlock the door. Once unlocked, the combination selected above is erased and the locker is ready to be used by another student. 

The Group Work room is located in 3-288, adjacent to the Student Lounge and Computer Lab. This area is open for use at all times, and you are also welcome to meet in classroom space when classes are not in session, and if no other functions have been booked.

Faculty offices are located in 3-170 to 3-199. Assigned offices and work spaces for Research Assistants employed by faculty members are also located in this area. Administrative and Student Services staff and faculty members serving in administrative roles have offices in 3-250 (to 3-266).