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IT Account and UCalgary email

Getting Started - IT Account and UCalgary email

Learn more about IT Services, including your UCalgary email and eLearning Tools such as D2L in the Getting Started Guide.

The Faculty of Social Work will only use UCalgary email addresses to correspond with you. Monitor your UCalgary email immediately after you have accepted your offer and paid the deposit.

Getting Started Guide

Next Steps

At the start of your program you must confirm your registration. Completing the annual registration is called Registration Initialization. You will need to confirm the following:

  • email address
  • phone number
  • mailing address

Your registration status (full-time vs. part-time) will be determined by the number of units in which you enrol during each academic term. Each course you take has a certain unit load. 

You register for courses in your Student Centre.

Refer to your registration letter and the course timetable to make sure you are selecting the right course and section for your program.

You may add, edit, swap or drop courses in your Student Centre up to, and including, the relevant course registration deadline for that session.

If you withdraw from a course by the drop deadline for that term, the course will not appear on your transcript and tuition fees will not be charged.


Mark Your Calendar

For a list of important dates (start and end dates for each term) and registration and fee deadlines, please refer to the University of Calgary Important Dates.

Important Dates

There are several options to pay tuition and general fees. Online banking is the fastest and preferred method of payment for anyone with a Canadian bank account.

If you do not pay your fees by the fee payment deadline date, a late payment penalty will be assessed.

You are automatically subscribed to your program specific electronic mailing list in the first week of the academic year. You will receive communication targeted to your program, or to all students. Mailing lists are for administrative purposes only, not for personal student use. Important academic deadlines, notices and events are also posted on the faculty website and the faculty's Twitter account (@UCalgary_FSW).

We promise to limit what we send to you. Pay particular attention to the subject line to help you sort through the emails you receive from Student Services.

  • URGENT:  we really need you to read this email 
  • IMPORTANT: important but not critical messages
  • FYI: we think you might be interested 

We count on you reading all emails sent with the URGENT tag.

Note: Upon convocation, your email will be automatically removed from the mailing lists. Do not contact the administrator to have your email removed.

There are two ways to log on to D2L.

  1. Log on to myUofC. Once you are logged in, if the D2L link is not listed under Quick Links, click on the Academics tab and the link will be listed in the Direct Access column in the far right side of your window.
  2. The second way is directly through the University of Calgary's D2L site using your IT username and password. 

Not all instructors choose to use D2L to support course instruction. If using D2L, it is up to the instructor to make the site available (visible) to students. Generally, most D2L course sites are made available to students on the first day of classes.

If you don't see any courses showing in D2L, follow these steps before contacting IT Support:

  1. Check your Student Centre in myUofC to make sure that you are indeed enrolled in the class.
  2. Contact the instructor for more information regarding when the site will be made available to students.

Access additional D2L resources and video tutorials.

Questions or problems accessing IT services? Contact the IT Support Centre.