LOP Guidelines

Letter of Permission (LOP) Guidelines

Across Canada, the BSW degree is comprised of approximately half non-social work and half social work courses. This is based on the belief that social workers credentialed with an undergraduate degree should have a combination of professionally-oriented and liberal arts courses.

Because post-diploma students have already completed course work and field education in social work, their program includes a considerable number of non-social work courses. Off-campus post-diploma students generally take these courses at institutions other than the University of Calgary.

Non-social work courses can be completed face-to-face and online at UCalgary or any other post-secondary institution in Canada offering courses for university credit.

There are no specific courses that you are required to take but we recommended that you complete courses in the “human services” field (e.g., women’s studies, First Nation studies, psychology, anthropology, sociology, etc.) that build on the courses you have taken in your diploma. Make sure you have not already been given credit for these courses in your diploma.

Follow the steps below to check if the course transfers and to obtain your Letter of Permission.

Check if the course transfers

Use the Alberta Transfer Guide to confirm if the course transfers to UCalgary.

Select 'Transfer Alberta Search' to get started.

Alberta Transfer Guide

Apply to the institution offering the course

You can take your non-social work courses from more than one institution, but you need to follow the procedures set by each institution.

Contact the institution directly to make sure you know what you need to do to apply as a Visiting or Open Studies student, and the deadline.

You will also want to check that the course(s) are available before submitting your request for a LOP.

Submit Letter of Permission

For each term that you take courses at another institution you must have a LOP.

Note: If you are on academic probation your request is normally denied.

Step-by-step instructions below >>

To get started, log into myUofC > click on 'Program and Advising Info' > choose 'Letter of Permission'. 

You can list more than one course, but you can only choose one institution. If you are taking courses at two institutions you will need to submit a separate paper-based LOP for the second institution (available through Student Services). 

  1. Select the term.
  2. Fill in the required information: host institution, reason for taking the course, and abbreviated course name/number (e.g., PSYC 200 not Psychology 200).
  3. Click the checkbox granting permission for UCalgary to request transcripts from ApplyAlberta institutions. 
  4. Click 'Next', review the information you have entered, and 'Submit'.
  5. Check the status of your LOP in your Student Centre. Once it is approved you will be emailed a pdf copy.

Already submitted your LOP and need to make a change?

  • Same term and institution? You must check that the new course transfers - you do not need a new LOP. 
  • Same term and different institution? You need to complete a paper-based LOP (available through Student Services).