BSW Curriculum Plan

BSW Calgary, Alberta Social Work Diploma (PD) Route

  1. Fall

    SOWK 355 Research in Context
    SOWK 361 Professional Use of Self
    SOWK 363 Human Development and Environments
    SOWK 365 Critical Approaches to Social Work Practice
    One non-social work option course (3 units)**


  2. Winter

    SOWK 371 Social Work and Diversity
    Four non-social work option courses (12 units)**


  3. Spring and/or Summer

    Two SOWK 500-level option courses (6 units)*


  1. Fall

    Two SOWK 500-level option courses (6 units)*
    Three non-social work option courses (9 units)**


  2. Winter

    SOWK 412 Practicum II (400 hours/6 units)
    SOWK 413 Integrative Seminar II


* You should complete two SOWK 500-level option courses in the Spring and/or Summer between the third and fourth years.
** You will be unable to start practicum if you have more than two option courses (SOWK 500-level and/or non-social work) outstanding.

Unit: A value, or weighting assigned to a course counting towards a degree or diploma. The term "credit" is also used.